Dormitory Rules

Our country, T.C. It works under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and T.C. It is managed according to the communiqués of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The rules, entry and exit times and disciplinary regulations applied in our country have been prepared on the basis of these communiqués.
The future of our country is not just accommodation for our esteemed university students; With our comfortable and safe facility, we aim to provide a peaceful home that will bring the warmth of your family. In line with this purpose, we have listed below the rules that we must all abide by;
  • Necessary actions are taken by complying with all kinds of notifications and calls to be made by the dormitory management.

  • Actions that will disrupt the peace and order of the country are meticulously avoided; etiquette is observed; attention is paid to dress and gestures; rooms and other parts of the dormitory are kept clean and tidy.

  • In our dormitory, we behave in a measured, careful and respectful manner towards administrators/staff and other students; to engage in actions that hinder and complicate the duties of the personnel; interfere in their affairs; It is forbidden to hold private chat meetings with the personnel in charge and to use them for private business.

  • To behave rudely and disrespectfully in relations with people; make noise; listening to loud music and watching TV in a way that disturbs others; Likewise, playing any musical instrument and singing is prohibited.

  • The last check-in times announced by the dormitory management are followed.

  • Identity cards are shown to the personnel on duty or to the dormitory administrators when asked at the entrance and exit of the dormitory; students’ lockers, suitcases, etc. to be checked by the Dormitory Management when necessary. places are open.

  • No place or furniture other than the room, bed, closet, table, chair, etc. allocated by the dormitory can be occupied.

  • Bed, closet, table, etc. in the rooms. It is forbidden to change the location of the fixtures such as or to use them in other places.

  • It is forbidden to use devices such as irons, lighting, heating devices, electric stoves, water heaters in the rooms.

  • Dormitory management cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables in the luggage delivered to the luggage room.

  • No boarding guests are allowed in the rooms.

  • Guests can be accepted within the places and hours determined by the dormitory management.

  • It is forbidden to damage the walls and doors of the dormitory building and garden by writing on the fixtures, by drawing signs and figures.

  • Companions are not allowed in the dormitory due to health reasons.

  • It is forbidden to have animals, even pets, in the dormitory.

  • To hang all kinds of harmful publications that are prohibited and that will disrupt unity and solidarity, as well as pictures and posters that are contrary to general morality, in rooms and in the dormitory; Organizing meetings, demonstrating, provoking and encouraging for any reason without the permission of the dormitory administration; to bring all kinds of cutting, striking firearms, bullets and explosives into the country; Possession and use of alcoholic beverages, recreational drugs and stimulants in and around the dormitory building; It is forbidden to play games that are considered gambling.