Nezahat Koçak Girls Dormitory

Koçak Group, which was established in 1980 to operate in the real estate sector, has become one of Turkey's leading companies in the real estate, construction and energy sectors with its principled management approach and achievements. As Koçak Group, we aim to provide a healthy accommodation environment for our youngsters, who are the guarantee of our future, in line with our principles, with the strength we derive from our commercial experience and reliability. In accordance with this purpose, we are happy to present the “Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports Nezahat Koçak Private Dormitory for Girls”, which we have built to high standards without compromising on quality, by always working with the best in order to do the best by creating living spaces where they can stay with confidence and comfort, to the service of our students. Our dormitory, which has been operating since the 2018-2019 academic year, is committed to providing high quality service to our youngsters in the warmth of family with its friendly and expert staff.

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